About us

Wedderburn Transport Planning provides independent and evidence-based consultancy services in transport planning and pedestrian movement analysis. We undertake specialist pedestrian movement analysis studies for masterplanning projects at all scales, supporting our clients to create people-friendly, walkable and diverse places. We also offer strategic transport policy research, transport strategy and assessment for individual sites, and a range of forecasting and appraisal studies to clients for both public and private sector clients.


Our Team

Martin Wedderburn


Sara Nalaskowska

Senior Consultant Transport Planner

Olumide Odetune

Data Scientist (KTP Associate)

The Oval Partnership

Wedderburn Transport Planning Is An Affiliate Company Of The Oval Partnership​

The Oval Partnership is an award-winning team of international strategic planners, architects and urbanists who conceive and execute leading projects that nurture and sustain the long-term value of a community’s social, ecological and economic capital. We catalyze parallel initiatives to enhance community and to illustrate areas of interest which inform our process. Oval Partnership projects enhance the human experience, tell the story of context, and preserve heritage. They are based on collaboration towards a shared, long-term prosperity, and are designed to leave an enduring and meaningful impact on a city’s livability and sustainability.

Martin Wedderburn

Director, BSc (Hons) MPhil MCIHT MTPS

Martin is the founding director of Wedderburn Transport Planning with over 20 years of professional experience in transport planning, policy and analysis. With wide-ranging technical skills and policy insight, he is recognised as an innovative and committed sustainable transport professional. Drawing on multi-disciplinary analytical expertise, he is developing new pedestrian movement analysis tools for complex urban environments.

Martin works with public, private and third sector clients in the fields of transport, health, property and retail around the world. His expertise in transport planning includes walking and cycling research and policy, public transport planning, transport impact assessment, managing transport modelling studies, developing bespoke demand forecasting methods, economic appraisal and public realm design. He strives to ensure that the full range of spatial, wider economic, social and environmental impacts of transport are assessed fairly in investment decisions.

Martin is a Research Associate of Walk21, a member of the ULI UK Sustainable Development Product Council and a former Board member of the Transport Planning Society.

Sara Nalaskowska

BEng, MSc / Senior Transport Planner

Sara is a skilled mobility planner with a diverse background in transport planning, architecture, civil engineering, and spatial data science. She has been working with Wedderburn Transport Planning since 2019, where she blends different perspectives into her work. Sara has worked on significant projects throughout Europe and Asia, showcasing her proficiency in computational and quantitative analysis within the context of masterplanning and policy making projects.

In her work, Sara strives to explore unconventional approaches, aiming to find innovative solutions. She develops bespoke analytical tools tailored to unravel the nuances of walking and its implications for retail and mixed-use environments, providing custom analyses that address questions otherwise difficult to answer. A notable aspect of her work is the ability to translate complex data into clear visual representations that play a fundamental role in the form-finding process for numerous masterplanning projects but also serve as powerful tools for client communication.

Olumide Odetunde

Data Scientist (KTP Associate)

Olumide Odetunde is an experienced data scientist, using his wealth of experience to work with Wedderburn Transport Planning on pedestrian movement forecasting. Rooted in veterinary medicine, Olumide pivoted into a data career following a project guided by data-driven insights that he led, sparking a newfound interest, and opening a new academic chapter.

He concluded his postgraduate academic journey with distinction, clinching the best dissertation in his department, equipping himself with statistical techniques, machine learning, and programming skills. His noteworthy achievement involved developing an emotion recognition model to enhance the well-being of care home residents.

His commitment to innovation has led him to the forefront as the lead data scientist in the re:PLACE knowledge transfer partnership between Loughborough University, the Oval Partnership and Wedderburn Transport Planning. Here, he is developing an end-to-end solution empowering built environment professionals with the solution for making design decisions that prioritise walking and other active transport modes. Olumide Odetunde’s journey is a testament to his passion for using data science to solve problems with real-world impact.