Memories in movement

Georgies Srour participated in the workshop “Change for resilience Resilience for Change” held from March 19th to March 25th in Koaceli, Turkey. The workshop was organized by…

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15-minute city: analytical metrics

The European Transport Conference (ETC) is held annually, inviting different actors from the transport sector such as researchers, policy makers and professionals who work at the European, national, regional and local level…

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Sara Nalaskowska

BEng, MSc / Senior Transport Planner

Sara is a skilled mobility planner with a diverse background in transport planning, architecture, civil engineering, and spatial data science. She has been working with Wedderburn Transport Planning since 2019, where she blends different perspectives into her work. Sara has worked on significant projects throughout Europe and Asia, showcasing her proficiency in computational and quantitative analysis within the context of masterplanning and policy making projects.

In her work, Sara strives to explore unconventional approaches, aiming to find innovative solutions. She develops bespoke analytical tools tailored to unravel the nuances of walking and its implications for retail and mixed-use environments, providing custom analyses that address questions otherwise difficult to answer. A notable aspect of her work is the ability to translate complex data into clear visual representations that play a fundamental role in the form-finding process for numerous masterplanning projects but also serve as powerful tools for client communication.